Technalia is an Italian company specialized in the building of agri-food systems, constructions and energy industries. It has its headquarters in Puglia, in the heart of the Mediterranean, from where it operates with objectives and strategies that share a precise business philosophy, made up of commitment, research, reliability and continuous attention to technological evolution and global changes.

The company is an highly innovative company, but with a fifty years experiential heritage, which places it among the most reliable partners in Italy, Balkans, North Africa and South America, where it contributes to local development and growth.

Thanks to a high professionalism in the various operating sectors and the ability to manage even complex projects, focusing on the integration between its industrial plants and modern information and communication techniques, Technalia contributes to a punctual and efficient enhancement of the processes.

The company is based on a solid corporate culture, rooted in a modern managerial approach, continuous investment in human resources and development of individual responsibilities, in an environment where team work, motivation and personal initiative, represent solid and essential values.

The constant understanding and evaluation of customer needs constitute the inspiring principle of the company’s philosophy. Its development center and all services are unanimously aimed at developing lasting and meaningful relationships.

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